Each home is unique. Each homeowner likes to make sure that their home is protected. With home insurance, you won’t be out of pocket if you happen to repair your house, replace your belongings or if something gets stolen.

You have the option to choose between two types of insurance:

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Contents Insurance

Building insurance

Building Insurance covers the cost of repairs caused by fires, storms, explosions, floods, and earthquakes. On top of the damages in your household, it also covers the structure of your house, such as walls, fences, and gates. It also covers you having 24-hour emergency accommodation.

Contents insurance

Content Insurance covers the cost of any of your personal belongings that have been damaged or stolen by theft or attempted theft, fires, explosions, storms, floods or water leakage.

Having a house insurance is beneficial to homeowners. You can’t predict if a fire or an explosion is about to happen, so it is best to have house insurance just in case.

If your house catches a fire one day with no explanation and you didn’t have house insurance, you would be devastated because you wouldn’t have a home or any contents left and nothing to cover the costs of these things.

Would you rather be safe than sorry or take the risk, which means you could possibly lose everything that you ever cherished?

Don’t choose the latter, apply for house insurance! It will only take a few minutes of your time. It is more than worth it though.